Anybody no if there’s any sailing in Taiwan, preferably as close to Taipei as possible. I’ll do anything, crew, helm, rig, carry, watch, talk. Whatever, I just need SOME sailing. I’m talking about skiffs mostly, Int 14’s, 49ers, Int Moths and even Contenders. Anything fun! I’d even consider windsurfing again, though I haven’t done any since boards used to sink. I’m getting a bit seasick (in the same sense as homesick means to miss home).
If anybody knows ANYTHING drop me a line. I know the 49er Grand Prix went by Pengu not long ago but couldn’t get a response from anybody regarding any details.

I’d be very interested too. I love sailing, last time I did I crossed the Atlantic on a 62 footer, was a blast. :laughing:

At the top right of every page is a box for searching to see if anyone has discussed this before.

Yeah, I searched the forums, I’ve been here six months and looked in a number of places. Even tried emailing SailAsia people, 49er secretary when the 49ers came through. Keep getting nothing from everyone. Rubbish!

Just did a quick search and found these threads:
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Sounds fun, I have been itchin to get over to the ocean, just needed an excuse, this might be the one I was looking for. Forumosa sailing trip, anyone?

Yeah, I’m talking about dinghy and skiff sailing though, rather than keel boats or sports boats, whatever you want to call them. Particularly the faster ones, as I have said before, International 14’s, 49ers, RS700, RS800s, maybe even an 18ft skiff if you’re offering. As I have said before, I know the 49er (twin trapeze, asymetric oplympic class) has a leg off Penghu, so I know it’s not like Taiwan has never seen a skiff before, but I’m trying to find something a little closer, perhaps slightly more regular, and less of a professional competition! :slight_smile:
Although I am unqualified I can teach basic/intermediate dignhy sailing if that is gonna help anyone and get into anywhere. :smiley: