Salaried work that requires more than 40 hours a week with no overtime pay

Lot’s of salaried work doesn’t pay overtime.

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I’ve had salaried positions at four employers in my lifetime; three in the US and one in Taiwan. All involved working more than 40 hours per week more often than not, and none paid overtime. I always thought that was just part of the deal with salaried positions. These jobs also pay much more than I could make at an hourly job, though, and with better benefits and job security. If that wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t have taken them.

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Is it a private school or a buxiban?

If buxiban, LSA is surely applied.

If a private school, LSA is not applied to teaching staff most probably.

Is it 勞保 or 公教人員保險?

The 5 employees rule is only for laobao (and there are exceptions).

My salary paper says “代扣勞保Labor Insurance”

Wise words. When paid hourly they will encourage you to work less ha ha

10k NTD a month, dam times are harder than I thought lol

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Ask the labor department if your job is covered by the LSA. If it is, see Art. 22 Par. 2 for payment of wages in full, and see Art. 24 and from Art. 30 onwards regarding overtime. (“Labor-management conference” refers to a formal procedure with rules set by the government.)

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Being a subject of labor insurance isn’t equal to be a subject of LSA, iiuc.

No? 代扣 means “to withhold tax (from employee’s salary)”, according to MDBG. Not that I’ve seen those characters used before.

I’ll call the LSA tomorrow and ask. No one else wants to stick their heads out because apparently the Taiwanese staff get told to ef off when they bring up problems. But if there are laws that the school isn’t following, that will go a long way…

Oh, never mind the part about the characters. I was recovering from warp speed “jet” lag after an interplanetary conference and misread.

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