Salary expectation for Marketing in IT industry & negotiation


Hi There,

I’d like to ask whether there’s someone experienced out there from the IT industry in regards to salary expectation. It’s common that companies will ask for the expected salary from the employee, but I find it to be difficult to come up with the right amount as a foreigner. It seems like when discussing this with certain companies some seem shocked this is only manager level where else other agree immediatly.

Are there any recommendations what amount can be discussed with the following background:

  • MBA degree
  • 3 years experienced in marketing (2 yrs in Taiwan and 1 yrs at US based company)
  • bilingual English & European language

Also, would it be common to re-negotiate the salary here every 6 months for instance?

Thank you very much!


Depends in size if company somewhat, most small to medium size local companies wouldn’t stretch past 60k a month .
Bigger or international companies might pay more.
Solid experience and reputation along with contacts will equal more pay.

I tgink I got got 55k/mth in my first product mgr job 17 years ago here . I kind of plateaued at 60-70 for a few years because worked for start ups and small distributors . Then to 90 and upwards in bigger organisations . To get the bigger money you need to get a regional role or senior management role usually . Salary scales in Taiwan are low . That is a real problem . Many just find a comfortable job and go with the flow (locals and foreigners alike). Senior managers in some companirs get paid just get 50 or 60k a month . That is the truth.
In other companies with large revenue they could get a lot lot more.

Now you can sometimes get lucky and find a more generous employer or somebody who sees that can you bring in some decent revenue .

Shoot for higher than you will accept and then you won’t be disappointed if you don’t get it or feel like you were low balled.

Advise you to accept a salary that’s close to your expectations but focus on getting into a fast growing industry or a big organisation with regional roles.