How much should one expect to earn for teaching conversation to adults one on one? I just interviewed earlier and was offered 400 NT/hour.

Seems kind of low but I would like to seek your peeps opinions.


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Your billing rate depends a lot on the expectations of your student(s). FWIW, NT$ 400 / hour seems like the low end of the normal range. In other words, you could probably do better. The trick is finding places where you could do better!

Or else, you could call up one of the big bushibans that offer adult classes. Ask how much they pay teachers, then tack on a premium. I bet this is comfortably above NT$ 400.

Also, have you checked the ORIENTED Teaching Jobs Database? – you could contact some of the schools that post there and do the same, add in a premium for yourself since you are offering 1-on-1 service.

Tealit. com also lists teaching positions in Taiwan

it depends on your experience, but i don’t think finding at least 600/hour would be difficult. If you’ve taught for six months or a year, then it could go as high as 1100/hr.

you also want to consider how many hours, giving a discount for more hours. I definitely wouldn’t teach for one hour a week at 400/hour, but maybe if it was 10hrs/week.

I get 700NT an hour, by two different people. I also speak some Chinese though. Depending on their level of English, you can ask a little more if you speak some Chinese. At least this is what I have found.

400 is ridiculously low. (I’m talking about what the market is offering here, by the way, not the vakue of the service). My advice is, if you have experience you should be able to get at least 600 and if you don’t you should get at least 500. A lot higher is possible too. If you have a lot of experience, speak Chinese and are a really good teacher, some people will pay you well over a thousand an hour.


Stop charging below $700NT. Those of you who do so bring down the market price! I keep seeing $500-$600NT per hour, that’s ridiculous! If you have experience teaching then you are worth it. And the more experience you have the higher your price should be. If they want to pay $500 to $600 an hour, then let them go to a cram school! I do not think $700-$1000NT is unreasonable if you are a native speaker and have experience. Be confident and be firm about your price!

I got the inpression that Ace was talking about a school, not private one on ones. Privates you should be able to charge close to 1000 or more with experience.


Bu Lai en,

I don’t think… He said one on ones. Read the first post.

Ace maybe you can tell us what you meant, if you meant a school I will delete my posted message.


I meant one on one meetings. It’s alright though. I declined the offer since I think it’s not worth it. I earn more translating from english to chinese.

Thanks to everyone who replied. I appreciated it.