Saliva PCR Test with Certificate suitable for overseas travel?

Does anyone know if/where it’s possible to get a self-paid, saliva-based, PCR test which comes with a certificate suitable for overseas travel? It cannot be a qualitative test (the standard RAT tests sold everywhere), and I’m trying to avoid a nasal/nasopharyngeal test if possible.

I’ve seen Youtube videos showing that Taiwan is moving towards saliva tests, and new arrivals at Taoyuan now receive saliva tests instead of nasal ones. Also, China Medical University in Hsinchu do self-paid saliva (PRC) tests for admission to their own hospital, but don’t seem to be willing to offer certificates which can be used for overseas travel (for that, they demand nasal swab tests).

Does anyone know of any private clinics which would be willing to do a saliva-based test and then sign a standard form confirming identity, testing method, etc?

I hope this is okay to post as a separate topic. There are a few mentions of different types of PCR tests over the last year or so in the main Covid thread, but I can’t find anything that answers this question.

Just FYI the US doesn’t require a PCR test anymore.

Thank you for letting me know Frank.

This is actually for Japan, which unfortunately still requires PCR tests, but accepts saliva ones.

So, for those of us flying to the US next month, do you mean we do not need to get a PCR test in Taiwan 2 days prior to travel?

Do you have a link? I checked the BOCA announcements webpage but they only seem to have info on test requirements on arrival to Taiwan

As a reminder as of now, you still need a PCR test to return to Taiwan.