Salmon Sushi Shortage Taiwan

This news report is about salmon sushi shortage, specifically Norwegian salmon. But isn’t that mostly packaged smoked salmon and only partially served as sushi?

Isn’t there corn (or whatever) fed antibiotic filled farm-raised salmon sushi in Taiwan for those that aren’t so picky


Can only imagine the despair of all those people that changed their names to Salmon.

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I feel like I owe you a lot of drinks or coffees or sushi(s) or something


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Salmon is shipped frozen, whole, than defrosted and cut into sashimi sized slices. Heads and other less valuable parts are made into soup, slices for sushi rolls.

Farmed salmon now also comes from US, Canada, New Zealand, Chili …

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We go to the local fish market about once every two months for salmon. It’s almost all from Norway and Chile and goes for NT$800 or so per kilogram. The fish market opens around 1AM. I’ll look closely the next time I’m at the market to see if there are fewer fish.
When we go to buffets, the first thing we line up for is salmon sashimi. We just love it.


Frozen is good if the Sushi chef is not a pro who checks for worms, ect. Forzen one will killed off while in deep zero temps.


Eating fresh fish as sashimi is a risk.


Yes a risk, more so with poorly trained chef. (I always wonder about street, public market, night markets ones)


Atlantic salmons are more at risk for parasites.
Norwegian salmon is less risky, and I deep freeze mine under a -45 degree super freezer for a few days to make sure before I serve them to customers.

It used to be about 370nt per kilo just a few months ago. :scream:


Until today I think the Atlantic goes until northern Norway.

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I don’t buy into this raw fish fear. Gollum lived 600 years.


What fear? Parasites or the shortage?


Some guy in California pulled a ten meter tapeworm out of his ass?


It happens sometimes.

It’s a case of risk assessment. But I agree that it happens.

Wonder if this Taiwan farmed salmon effort ever developed.

And it if it would even be sushi-grade.

“a readily available and inexpensive source of cold seawater at state-run oil refiner CPC Corp, Taiwan’s Yongan Liquefied Natural Gas Plant in Kaohsiung, which uses a large amount of seawater to convert liquefied natural gas at minus-162oC to a gaseous state to be distributed as pipeline natural gas, and the agency has run a salmon farming program utilizing the cooling effect of the conversion.”

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