Same Sex Marriage in Taiwan for Foreigners

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Once the law is changed, I would assume it would apply to foreigners in the same way as traditional marriage. But we can’t say for sure.

A respective referendum for AND against the legalization of same sex marriage through the Civil Code will be held on November 24th, coinciding with a bunch of local elections. Please make sure you and your friends go out and vote if you can.

NO to “你是否同意以民法婚姻規定以外之其他形式來保障同性別二人經營永久共同生活的權益?” This is proposed by the Fundamental Christian group that insists marriage is only between a man and a woman.

Yes to “您是否同意,以民法婚姻章保障同性別二人建立婚姻關係?” This is what we’re trying to accomplish. Again this is not about what you think of the marriage institution; this is about whether same sex couples have the same rights to get married if they choose to, just like every straight couple does.


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The questions started with 你 is from the Fundamental Christians.

The questions started with 您 is from Marriage equality groups.

Ideally since the Taiwan Supreme Court has already ruled that not allowing same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, the legislature should just go ahead and amended the current law. By sitting on this issue the legislators are playing political games and turning the whole thing into a waste of tax money.

Is it allowing to marry lesbian foringers in taiwan

Any body can give the abs to me

No legally recognised homosexual marriage in Taiwan yet.

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Why do you want to get married in Taiwan and not in Canada? SSM in Canada has been approved way back in 2005.

I am not a big gun of money We need to do ilets and need to show funds
If you don’t mind can you tell me the earliers way to apply Canada . In Sri Lanka we can’t live together as well. We don’t want to loose others as well we are loving to each other since 4 years

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Please can any body help me to solve our matter

short answer is no, at tjis moment.
The law is not yet effective in tsiwan, as @Brianjones answered.

The same sex marriage law passed the first reading of legislature yuan in 2016, and judicial yuan ruled the law should become effective by May in 2019. Though the referendam in 2018 opposed the same sex marriage law, the Government announced that the Constitutional Court ruling will still go into effect in May 2019, regardless of the referendum results.

Exective yuan published a draft for the law regarding to the same sex msrriage on Feb. 20 2019, and the bill is scheduled to be approved by the Cabinet on 21 February, then sent to the Legislature Yuan for passage, before taking effect by 24 May.

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can’t you do this at UK embassy in your country?

Added: Never mind if both of you are non british.

Do we have an update regarding LGBT foreigners marrying in taiwan

I have the same question! Can two foreigner can get same-sex married in Taiwan? If yes, what are the requirements? Thank you

I don’t know the answer of your question, and I’ve heard that one should be a taiwanese, but if it is yes, the requirement may be SSM is legal in both parties’ countries.

Chen said that under the new legislation legalizing same-sex marriage, as well as the spirit of Judicial Yuan Interpretation No. 748, same-sex couples where one party is a foreign national from a country where same-sex marriage is legal can also register to be married, starting May 24.

Under the new law, titled Enforcement Act of Judicial Yuan Interpretation No. 748, however, even with the legalization of same-sex marriage in Taiwan, a Taiwanese national cannot enter into a legally recognized union with a partner from a country where gay marriage is not legal.

Appears that law only covers at least one person among the 2 who is Taiwanese citizen, and if the other foreigner’s country has the same applicable law. From quick reading, not 2 foreigners.

What is ssm?