Same sex marriage in Taiwan

I am a Canadian male wanting to marry a Filipina transgender she is also male.
what paper work do we need and where to get the marriage certificate?

I think that one of you has to be a resident , but I’m not 100% sure of that . There is a thread somewhere if you type in search topics, I’m sure you can see it . . “Same sex marriage in Taiwan for foreigners”

Check out this thread.

100% sure, Filipina cannot marry a same sex partner in Taiwan, because their country doesn’t recognize it.

Why not do it in your country.

My Fiance was denied a visitors visa. I don’t think we need the Philippines to recognize the marriage as i will not be going there once married we can do a spousal sponsorship for Canada from the Philipines. as Canada recognizes same sex marriages.

just wondering where we have to go to get certicate and if any documents are required before we arrive.

you may not need, but taiwan allows to do it only for couples from countries allowing it. Both should come from countries that allow same sex marriage.

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@AndyPanda59 this is what I understand of the law. So unfortunately you can not under the current law.