Samoa Air charges more for heavy passengers

Is it fair? Samoa Air today,stated they will charge more for “heavy” passengers. Combined weight person/luggage charges. More fattist discrimination(like maximum load 8 persons) ? :ponder:

Sounds totally fair to me. I think ugly people should pay more, too.

They apparently plan to weigh the passenger and their luggage together, and charge per kilo. Obviously there are winners (families with kids) and losers, but the change does apparently match the airline’s costs more closely. It may or may not be relevant that Samoans are like, the second-fattest people in the world, according to what I remember from physical anthropology. (Three guesses as to who’s number one.)

I am interested to see if other airlines follow their example. (This is, after all, a pretty obscure one.)

Ridiculous. They should charge people with screaming, undisciplined children double, if not triple.

I’m all for it, provided those of us of the thinner variety get a discount.

Expect to see a young cosmopolitan Mangalitsa travelling in the seat next to you when this happens.

I read somewhere it was partly to do with the fact that they fly very small, 6 to 8 seater planes between the islands, where weight and balancing the plane are critical. I also read that you have to declare your weight when booking then get on the scales at the airport to check you weren’t fibbing. I predict lots ‘hopeful’ weight estimations, based on the diet between booking and flying.

This, and also, Samoans can be absolutely fucking massive, like sumo wrestler massive. I heard once that the U.S. Marine Corps gives bonuses to recruiters who managed to recruit or retain Samoans for just this reason.