Samosa was meant to be a CNR case (Catch, Neuter, Return)…

When we first met Samosa, we were having dinner in Kenting at our favorite restaurant, eating our favorite item on the menu, samosas. I had some dog treats in my scooter and offered them to her. She was very hesitant but eventually she came up, took the treat out of my hand and then promptly ran off to eat it. The manager of the restaurant told us that she’s been living behind the restaurant for many years and she never went close to anyone! He was very surprised that she approached me. He proceeded to tell us “she’s always pregnant and her puppies keep dying.” So, we decided that we would return to Kenting with the truck so we could take her back to KHH to get her spayed and care for her until she was healthy (she was so thin a light wind could’ve blown her away!)
So, the following weekend we returned with the truck and caught her. She was not a willing participant and we feared that she was going to be extremely aggressive once we got her home. But she turned out to be very submissive and not even once did she try to bite.

So, that all happened in early Aug 2008. By the end of September she was almost ready to go back. We hesitated because winter was coming. And then we just didn’t get the time to go back to Kenting! So, Samosa lodged in the BARK Château for the winter.
She grew on us so much that by the time summer rolled around, we DIDN’T want to go to Kenting! We didn’t want to return this lovely, old gal to the harsh, unforgiving streets of Taiwan…

So, we procrastinated going to Kenting! When we finally went, we didn’t take Samosa with us. It had been a year since we took her off the street and by then she was a fabulous house pet that NEVER peed in the house, NEVER chewed anything that wasn’t given to her and NEVER caused ANY trouble at all. She wagged her tail when she saw us and head- butted us for a pat every time we came near.

Some vets think she’s more than 15 years old! The only gauge they have to go on are her teeth. But she lived on the streets, never had a good diet or healthy lifestyle and she gave birth to possibly hundreds of puppies! Many of you know how we have a soft spot for old dogs… how were we supposed to put her back on the street?!!

Samosa is quiet and calm but she does enjoy playing a bit with the younger dogs that come into our care. She spends her days napping in a sun ray in the backyard or on a doggy bed in the living room. She always goes outside for potty time. She comes back in from potty time and head butts us for a pat. Then she follows us around the house and head butts us some more until she tires. Then she lies down on her bed and naps some more. And who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?! Samosa has learned to sit, stay and comes when we call her name :discodance:

For anyone who wants a very low maintenance dog, Samosa is the perfect girl. If we could have one more pet, without hesitation it would be Samosa. She has head-butted her way into our hearts :heart:

If you would like to meet sweet Samosa, email

Samosa is still looking for a furever home! Come down to BARK’s FINAL Pet Adoption Day tomorrow if you’d like to meet her!