Samsung cellphone - LCD screen problems

I have a Samsung cellphone with a color screen. Couple of years old. Great phone so far. The other day, the main screen went black and hasn’t recovered. Not a power problem (battery). The mini screen on outside of the phone (when flipped closed) still works fine. Actually, the main screen on the inside will work when the phone is flipped halfway open (strange). However, when the phone is fully flipped open, the screen goes black again.

The power connections for the main screen must come through the hinges. That is the only physical connection point between the flip screen and the phone body. I wonder if something in that connection is broken, but the main screen is otherwise fine.

My questions:

  1. Any idea what is going wrong?

  2. Is there any chance of finding a reputable Samsung repair facility in Taipei (or Taiwan) or do I just need to throw this phone in the garbage?


Two possibilities (That I can think of)…

  1. As you said, the connectors to the screen are dodgy.
  2. The switch which tells the phone whether the flip is open or not is faulty (could be something stuck in there, even just plain old grime). I’ve seen this happen with customers’ phones when I worked for an certain mobile phone company. I would tend to go with this option, if the display is always perfect when it does work, as faulty cables would tend to give you a more erratic display.