Samsung Galaxy SIV

Anyone know when the Samsung Galaxy SIV is coming to Taiwan?

They will probably follow the international launch schedule (I think that’s at the end of April, btw).

I’d like to know how much will it cost, though… I’m trying to decide between the S4 and the HTC One, and I need more information before deciding anything. (Samsung goes ahead because they include my language, which comes by default in the google android releases, but I don’t know why HTC doesn’t makes it available. That’s a non-sense, pun intended).

Lots of full page newspaper advertising happening now. Anyone checked prices at phone shops and especially Guanghua electronics market? I’m traveling soon and need to decide if buy here in Taiwan or somewhere else.

Has anyone seen the S4 in a Chunghua store? (I will not buy from Far East or DaGeDa) I’m looking for the 16GB model.

16GB is low, but I can use my old 8GB microSD card from old phone. This is a feature the new HTC One doesn’t have.