Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Anyone know when it’s coming out in Taiwan?

Saw this in 3C today, nice…

Are you sure we are talking about the same tab? I will check out 3C. Thanks.

Myfone have got them on offer in their catalogue. Drop into one of their stores and have a look.

Bought one on Wednesday. Don’t like it. I’m gonna try and take it back and blag a refund. Any idea if this can be done? I bought it at one of those big, yellow 3C shops. I wan’t an iPad. Feel like a right idiot to boot.

Go on then tell us more… what’s so wrong with it? And what were you expecting?

In answer to your question, I often read people in the US/UK saying they took their cameras/computers etc back after a few days because they didn’t like it. I don’t know if it’s possible here - maybe if you buy your ipad from the same place?

It mainly came down to how many apps are available for the two types of pad. I want a tool for learning Chinese and teaching. The first was not a problem with the android, but after some investigation it was clear that apps on android tablets are very limited. I had to haggle for quite some time and play the dumb foreigner card, but they agreed to swap in the end and I now have a shiny new ipad. I’m not a huge apple fan and have an HTC cell, but this is a seriously nice piece of kit.

Well done - with the help of a bit of foreigner power from the sound of it :thumbsup: Do you mind me asking what apps you’re using on your ipad for learning Chinese and teaching?