Samsung Phone Experience Fast Repair


Took my old S7 that was completely not working to the Samsung Repair Center ( and had quick excellent service. I was expecting days or weeks for repair, but only took a few hours.

Within 2 hours they called me and told me the problem. I said fix it and they had it fixed within 2 hours. Replaced the motherboard and the battery >>> I had plugged it into a wrong outlet with a bad charger and fried the electronics.


Kinda surprised that that would fry it.
Because chargers are good to 220V typically and usually the phone will only draw what it can use, regardless of the charger used.


I did not explain everything. It was a unknown borrowed charger, possibly fake, being used in Japan. Plugged it in, died a few hours later.


Strange…I’ve used all sorts of dodgy chargers, I’m using one right now from China … maybe I’m just lucky…
Expensive to fix ?

Oh and I agree , Sammy’s service is quite good in Taiwan. Try to get that kind of service in Canada or the states…


So have I. The battery had been replaced by an outside service, not Samsung. Thinking that contributed. Maybe the battery was not up to spec.