Samsung phone repair in Taichung?

Hello All,

I’m currently visiting the Taichung area for the next few weeks and it would seem as if I “bricked” my Samsung Galaxy Note while attempting to root it, along with trying to install JellyBean 4.1.2.

Would anyone here know of a reputable/decent phone repair shop in or near Taichung that could take a look at it?

Already stopped at some shops at the NOVA computer center area, but seems nobody around there can help me. Or else just a big language barrier since my Chinese ability is pretty much nonexistent.



A bit late, but…

…there is an official Samsung repair center on Mei Cun Rd. It’s just down from Sogo department store several blocks. You’ll have to cross Gong Yi Rd. and go just south of the Subway there. Here’s a link: