Samsung Smart TV in Taiwan


I have a Samsung Smart TV that’s a couple of years old. Has apps available and things like smartphone but seems like very little is available or works. Anyone use Samsung smart TV and how is it working for you?


This is why I just buy a TV that is basically just a panel without any smarts.
The software is abandoned as soon as they sold enough and becomes useless. They add monitoring and advertising. Fuck that.
I just plug in a Chromecast or a Raspberry Pi with Kodi.
Basically keep the screen and software separate, so you have control over the software and are not at the mercy of a company that already has your money.


Mine is Panasonic. Has Netflix, YouTube and a bunch of other stuff like Panasonic cooking channel.


Is that even possible these days? I bought a 55” a couple of years ago, and at that size I think they were all smart TVs. I could only find dumb panels at smaller sizes.

That being said, I plugged in an Apple TV box as soon as I bought the TV, and have never used any of the TV’s smart functions.


I bought 55" LG about 4-5 years ago, and that was the first of the “smart TVs”.
Can see a screen that has all kinds of “apps”, etc.
Never really used it yet though, as I’m a basic cable guy.


We bought a 55" 4K TV from Benq at a local Carrefour. They sold several variations. The Smart TV with same size was was actually more expensive. lol


I don’t use it because I can do everything from my phone to the TV. Actually I can do more like send my pictures to the TV screen or videos or whatever. And trying to type to the TV screen is not fun.


Costco sells monitors, some of which come with tuners. They’re cheaper than a similarly sized smart tv. If you’re just running a device like AppleTV and ignoring the television’s software (which as slawa points out may or may not be updated), then a monitor with a tuner (for cable tv reception) might be a good choice.


My TV is connected to wifi. By some magical mysterious hocus pucus, I can “see” the YouTube videos in my phone or tablet on my TV screen. This is a very useful feature.

Most other apps are like weather, news, additional channels. YouTube gets used the most.


How can a TV be smart with all those dumb TV soaps?


Check it more you might be able to also see photos and videos and other things


I have heard of such mysterious happenings but I have not made them happen yet.

One rumor is that the cellphone can even be used as a remote…


Sometimes it’s only youtube, sometimes it’s many apps, and sometimes it includes your whole screen of your phone.

Another mysterious happening is that your computer might do something similar.


Lot of people don’t realize that if they connect their TV to Wi-Fi then it may automatically broadcast from phone or computer. If it’s less than 5 years old more probable. And when visitors drop by they can also connect.


If you have MOD it can!


I love my Xiaomi A1. It has pure android and this phone has infrared and an awesome Mi Remote App! I can control the tv and even air conditioners with my phone.


I’ve tried using my phone as a remote control but I’m too lazy to look down and see where to place my finger.

prefer the traditional remote control with the bumps so I can just move my thumb around.