Samyang Ramen is guuud

The Samyang ramen is also known as Korean Fire noodles. If you watch mukbang/ foodie videos, then you’ve probably heard of them. I remember my mom buying them from a Korean market and letting me try them. Of course, I didn’t know that you shouldn’t eat it as a soup so my first time, it was a flop. It’s extremely spicy but oh so good! My favorite is the Carbo Fire Noodles, the one in the pink package!
It has a savory yummy taste to it. Of course, it’s really spicy though! It took quite a few glasses of milk to reduce the fieryness. That and the Cheese Fire noodles are the only ones I’ve tried so far since they’re the least spicy.

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I put double sauce packs to make it spicy for me. 1 pack is nothing!!

A full pack is already too much for me.

This sounds like a recipe for . . . running to the bathroom. : (


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I will have the Cheese Fire ones on occasion, even though I know I’ll usually have to get up and walk around about halfways through.

I can’t even think about the full-on hardcore ones, I leave those to the women in my family.

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From my experience, the Carbo ramen was less spicy than the Cheese one and tastier.

I’ll give it a try.
Not that the Cheese one wasn’t delicious, it was definitely an exercise in the pleasure/pain paradigm.

is that a brand? I’m not really in the instant noodle meta…

I like the old school one

This is still one of the tastier version of Korean instant ramens. :ramen:



Had this for breakfast. Would be nice with some meat and boiled egg! A bowl of just noodles isn’t my thing.

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Spotted these at PX Mart

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This one was my #1 favorite

BTW, the one I tried was in a square package not a bowl shaped one.
Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. :drooling_face: :drooling_face:

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