San Francisco is worse than the third world in some places

Yes there should be doors
And many jump the turnstiles and get on Bart
It’s easy to do

Transit systems in North America are, on the whole, too underfunded and too badly managed to install protective doors, which are expensive to install but would have prevented an awful incident like this.

However when it comes to endless stretches of concrete for cars, no problem there’s suddenly tons of money and space available!

The priorities here—which are not limited to San Francisco at all—are really f&cked up.



Yea, difference is that Taipei (and other Taiwan city’s) MRT system is flush with money and the government is completely willing to put money into it. Most US cities, even rich ones like San Francisco don’t have that much money, and even if they do investments into public transportation is often minimal.

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Not sure about SF, but in the antiquated NY system with narrow platforms and pillars everywhere, it would be a problem in a lot of stations.

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The BART system has plenty of room on the platforms.

What a debacle to see that state-of-the-art system from the 1970s turn into this current mess.



Riding Bart is increasingly unpleasant and dangerous so ridership is down and the system is losing money

They keep it going with our taxes

Too many crazies riding the system you really need to be watchful

They finally retired all the decrepit 50 year old trains so there is improvement

Public transit is losing money in the Bay Area seems no system is self sustaining

All losing money

They just need to create a “BART-Pass”.

A 40 dollar a month pass that lets you take BART, Muni, Caltrain, or whatever within the bay area.

Only one could dream. If they cared about sustainability, they’d pump huge amount of money into it and ban personal cars within the area.

It would actually stimulate the economy in the region too.

None of the metro systems in Taiwan could work without government funding. Capitalism would never make it work.

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When I arrived in 99 they sold such a thing for 35 bucks for a whole month for muni including cable cars and all stops of BART within the city

People loved them for the convenience and they would sell out the first three days of the month

They should do it again but for all the transit systems Bay Area wide

Like we use a card now to access the systems

It’s quite generous for most systems people under 19 and over 65 ride free

Or half price

The other ticket prices aren’t unreasonable

I think
In 99 it was 1.25 within 90 mins on Muni free transfer

It took a long time for prices to creep up to the 3 dollars now

BART is still reasonable short rides under 3 dollars and about five or six to go under the bay

Max is about ten bucks I think for the longest journeys

Boat rides are pretty fair from 5 bucks or so to 8 something for the longest ride

So transport is fairly priced but still needs double the current ridership

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Yeah and those huge highways and all that concrete makes money right? Puh-lease!


I think MRT price hasn’t gone up like ever. Stuff like public transport is paid for by the government, without this the MRT would be at least 3x as expensive as what it is now and new lines would never be built, because there’s no way to keep such a system running on fare alone. Just look at the London tube, like 10 times more expensive than Taiwan, because of obsession with profit.

Stuff like MRT/transport needs to be government funded because corporations wouldn’t do it, there’s nothing in it for them. It would limit economic output as a result.

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Well the roads are Free so it’s a written off cost

Although that said there are more and more freeways having express lanes that require money and lawmakers are thinking up some scheme to charge everyone using the freeways so they could become free no more

Like Taiwan’s freeways have tolls so they are not free

The one pct or so property tax and the sales tax which ranges from 8 to 10pct brings in a lot of money

The bridge tolls as well contribute directly to the roads and ferry service

Most bridges are 7 dollars payable only in one direction and golden gate is 8 bucks but recently going up to 9.50 I read ouch as I use that to go to work

BART has propositions now and again to raise sales tax with a direct percentage going to fund it

So it’s certainly not only paid with fares

I read the HSR finally started returning an operating profit although paying off principle may be never

The MRT may be more successful what’s the story on that

The TRA remains a basket case as usual I hear

Trains are ok, much better than before.

Yes must be lot of money. Also many tourist like shopping there. I remember Fisherman harbour, full of visitors
8% plus is like Japan, so can spend like Japan on trains/BART and upgrade.

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Yes I do PAY out a lot of money

Except BART is always broke because even the station info booth person gets 100k a year

Everyone wants to work for BART because they pay very high salaries

Much higher than the job really should be paid

Even if BART ran at 120 pct of capacity I bet they will find a way to be broke

Every time I cross the bridge I am paying for Bart and the ferries both of which I have to go out of my way to take

High pay ! This that the normal pay there now? They can eat out and shopping more.
Ha I remember good seafood at Fisherman harbour area.

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Bart has new gates, everyone has to pay now, everyone is the same

If someone could jump through that small gap in those new gates, they are a cat and not a person and therefore have earned the right to ride for free. :grin:


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Everyone pays but everyone is not the same

Why don’t you just drive? Driving is the most American way of transportation.

I DRIVE across the GG bridge if I walk or bike there is no toll

Or you are talking BART?

Yes most Americans drive and don’t take BART

But bart should have good ridership because the parking lots are usually full

They need the fare gates because so many fare evaders

No matter what they do Bart will always lose money because they will vote in more salary increases

A station attendant gets more than 100k a year to man(or woman) an info booth !!

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