Sandiaoling River Trace: April 1, 2006

We really should rename or split this thread. Two hikes are mixed in it: First one (title) that was canceled, and a second one in San Diego, Taiwan (with photos).

I renamed it with a note stating that the original hike mentioned on the first page is not the one we did.

GREAT shot of the channel.

I’ve thought about how to get past the fall. One: use a bamboo pole on the right side where I was trying to scramble up. If I had somewhere to put my foot, such as on a slanted piece of bamboo, I could have gotten up. Two: wedge short pieces of bamboo or wood again where I was trying to get up. The way the rock comes down we could get a piece jammed in their nicely to work as a ladder. Three: I return as green cape man and fly over the fall.

I vote for Option 3, with you dragging a rope ladder for me.

As for Options 1 & 2, no matter what you put up on the right side (not near the waterfall), once you get up, you’re still not over, so where do you go? As I recall, you would still have to scale the face of that large rock, going right to left, and that didn’t look very easy (no/few toeholds or handholds).

I’m game for nearly any method (having already tried to drink, mmmm, climb directly up the fall with no luck). I still think up the fall is a good possible route (and fun) with a knotted rope.