Sandman and Sandwoman have a Sandboy!

James Alexander Sandboy made his first appearance this morning at 10:16, weighing in at 3.6 kgs. Mother and son are doing fine. Father looked a little frazzled, but pretty damn pleased, all the same…


Congratulations to the Sandfamily!

Good job old man. Congratulations to you and the family.

Welcome to the flob James.

Big congratulation :rainbow:

Big congrats to the Sand people! And a big fat virtual Cohiba to the new daddyo!


Congrats to the Sandman family !!


Welcome out, Sandladdy!

and for the hardworking Ma…

I guess you got them big fuckoff Chiefhugs I sent last night.



I guess there’s no need to tell you to chill out with a cigar and a good Scotch, either of you. well, perhaps not you yet, laddy.

(welcome to nappyworld.)

Another moderator. Congratulations.

That is great news, indeed.

Congratulaions Sandman and family! And welcome baby James–a beautiful name!!

Magnificent, well done! Congratulations Sandman and Sandwoman.

Welcome to the world, James Alexander.

Congratulations to you both. Still got it in ya old boy!

That’s great news. Can we get some pics soon?


Wee Jimmie, eh? I’m sure you’ll have him posting on here before long.

Crickey! Folks are spawing all over the place!

Best wishes on the bairn. Enjoy the trials & tribulations of parenthood!

Congrats on a job well done! We look forward to your posts at 3am when the wee bairn is up for his feed and post-prandial burping.

Congratulations to all three of you. So when is his first practise with the washboard than?