Sandman, are you a.k.a. jinxy22?

Just curious, 'cause the username goes well with the dancing fool. If not … hey, someone’s avatar-squatting!!

Huh? There aren’t any members with that name.

Hey! Someone took away the link I had included in my post!! Let me try again. It’s on another website, Can’t remember the exact title he posted under, but if you look under the Taiwan section, there’s a user with your Fred Astaire guy bopping away, and the way he writes makes me think he’s either a cyber-squatter, EOD, or … you running off to another forum and giving up on Forumosa!? Naw. Anyways, check it out, because it may be a case of avatar-squatting. Protect the dancing fool, 'cause he’s cool! :smiley:

Could you give a more precise link ? the word ‘Taiwan’ does not appear on the page you mentioned

Nope, I post only here and on the 'Ho – but the avatar (Suggsy of Madness) is freely available.

Go to and click on jobs. Then, click on the job discussion heading, choose Taiwan and look at the “have not completed degree” section. And, presto! The dancing fool!! Nice to know that Sandman isn’t slumming, though … :slight_smile:

It certaintly looks like him. But Sandman is slower, must be getting old, poor thing, has to keep stopping for a breather.

Can keep going all night:

Can’t keep up:

Obviously he’s slowing down a bit so the rest of us can keep up.

[quote]Can keep going all night:


Prostate trouble. That’s all that is.