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Thought this would intrest Sandman and other Forumosans.

I’ve been trying to represent Niel Gaiman’s grpahic novels here but to no avail.

Not yet that is!

What the… :shock: Some bastard’s stolen my nickname!

I’m not really a comic fan, but the Neil Gaiman ‘Sandman’ comics are really excellent.

Sandman is the Rappin’ Cowboy.

Yes. From what I hear, he spends a fair amount of time in the saddle.

And here is the Australian Sandman…

We could all buy t-shirts that say I know Sandman…then he’d be famous.

[quote=“AWOL”]And here is the Australian Sandman…[/quote]Are you sure it’s not our Sandman ?

Well I never, a genuine interest in Gaiman. I thought I was one of a rare number.
Housecat, or are you Lady Bast?, I couldnt open the web link you provided. Have you ever visited They have lots to look at.

I thought, whilst reading it, that the Sandman story was one of the most expansive I have ever encountered. Now, as I plough through my old copies I find it to be more and more containable. But still just as dreamy and wonderful. I thought American Gods was a neat way to condense similar themes.

Have you seen the BBC production of Neverwhere? I found it strangely laughable, and not nearly as accesible as his book.

A good companion to Sandman is “Watchmen” by Alan Moore.

Long live Gaiman.

I take it you recognise my avatar, then! If not, it’s probably because you can’t see the ankh :slight_smile:

Gaiman is brilliant, but I haven’t loved much of his other than the Sandman series. Alan Moore, on the other hand, has produced all kinds of wonderfulness. My favourites: V for Vendetta, Watchmen, and his time on Swamp Thing.

Daas, no i never figured out you were Death. Thats the high cost of living for ya!

Your time will come :slight_smile:


I gave a copy of the collected comics to Sandman to read, but it is still in his desk, untouched.
I should have called myself Dr. Manhattan…

I have lots of stuff in great condition…might even sell some…Swamp Thing No. 1 CGC 9.4, Amazing Fantasy 15 CGC 1.8 (OK, but it looks better than that), …oh all sorts of stuff…every Frazetta paperback cover he did (and the hardcovers).

Just for fun…try Jim:
Ed the Happy Clown and Yummy Fur (yeah! Canada!)