Sandman to battle Spider-man

One of the villains in Spider-man 3 is to be Sandman
Presumably he’s going to go around tooting his sax at innocent victims. But Spider-man always wins, so he will kill Sandman, maybe with his own saxyphone.

Sorry if this contains spoilers, but tough.

I think Venom will be in it as well.

OMG! Serendipity or what? I was just thinking about Halloween parties and what to wear – I’ve pretty much decided on a child’s Spiderman suit from Toys r Us, cut and ripped to allow me to get into it.
Maybe I should re-think.
Anyway, Spidey will have no chance against me, now that I’ve been taking lessons from The Spleen.
Pull my finger!

Umm, that’s so weird. Topher Grace as Venom??? Eddie Brock (Venom’s alter ego) is a bodybuilder (as well as a reporter). Topher Grace is litteraly the skinniest actor in Hollywood. Getting the abosolute skinniest actor in Hollywood to play a bodybuilder…the fans won’t like that.

I hope Spider Man dies is this one. Teach kids about life. Like in “Bambi”.


This will be the last of the Toby Macguire sp? genre though, so I hear. Wait a few years and a new one will be along. Franchise baby! *

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