Sandwich favorite breakfast food in Taipei

Never understood how sandwiches became Taipei favorite breakfast. Edit: I never eat them and don’t really even consider them healthy.

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The sandwiches here aren’t even any good. If it were Vietnam I could understand it, although I’d start the day with a pho.

I’m going to stick my neck out and state that Taiwanese sandwiches are the worst I’ve ever tried.


“Sandwiches, hamburgers and dan bing” We are building a healthy nation…

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Thanks China Post, working hard to destroy years of effort by English teachers nationwide :hamburger: :slight_smile:


Dan bing maybe the favorite in the whole of Taiwan.

Did you ever see the chicks that buy the local traditional breakfast like fantuan and mianxian and then the chicks that buy the sandwiches .

Traditional breakfast is definitely healthier . Personal observation. :sunglasses:

That’s crazy, I’ve never thought of that, I’ll have to check it out.:ponder:

Every now when I’m out with one of the kids we’ll sneak a sarnie for breakfast, swearing each other to secrecy, because if Mama finds out, a royal ass-kicking will ensue.
In my tribe, they are considered the perfect definition of “empty calories”.


From observation over many years it checks out, seriously !

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I wouldn’t dream of challenging your superior expertise.

Thing is, in North America or the UK or Auzzo, you can get a breakfast sanny and it’s pretty substantial, generally presenting at least viable (OK, pretty heavy on the carbs and salt, but still) constituents, like basically a bacon/sausage and egg breakfast bundled up for portability.


But these ones here, they’re just, like…a sponge or something, the extra-white bread, the see-through ham, etc.

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I’ve acquired an appreciation for the rare ones that stand out, and it usually because they have a decent salad component. Ham usually ruins it for me.

Egg bacon cheese bagels they are not.

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Me too at the fantuan stand.

I’m curious what you eat for breakfast then, I would like to eat healthier breakfasts more. Odd time I will have baozi and Dan Bing.
I cannot eat fantuan or mianxian or mifen for breakfast. Maybe mifen if on a strict diet or something . I also cut out most cereal already.

I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer.


I haven’t got to this stage yet but it’s tempting some days.

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We usually we eat at home, and it’ll be, like 蘿蔔糕 (Mama has a special store she goes to and it’s the best in the land), or maybe bao tze, again, from a special place. Eggs and sausage (farmer made, from down south). Sometimes (@Hanna knows this story) she makes these friggin mental bacon & cheese dan bings, the flakey ones, except she dry fries them so they’re kind of crunchy instead of slimy like you get at the shops. They’re so good when the youngest was in school she’d take double as much as she wanted and trade them to her classmates, who were nuts about them, for like stickers or pens or what have you.
On the weekends @rocket has even been known to throw down on the odd round of pancakes or even huevos rancheros.

And that’s way more about me than I would ever want to be known out among the pigfuckers here.


as for the strict sandwiches, never eat them. they are always crap. an island of crap sandwiches.

BUT the club sandwiches (zong hui) are pretty good, not as good as a club sandwich from another country but still pretty good.

the brekfast burgers can be good and of course dan bings are always good. another one ‘lu luo bing’ i think, is a kind of sandwich with a piece of pastry in it… random but super yum.

Shifan makes me :banana: gag, I won’t touch it. And don’t get me started on the horror of the oyster-phlegm noodles. And I loathe fantuans. Well, maybe not loathe, but I’d never choose one over something else.

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Let it roll, baby, roll :+1:

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They’re better than the ones in Korea, but yeah they’re pretty bad.

I’d kill for a good Bahn Mi (sp?) place here.