Sandwich wrapping paper

does anyone know where I can buy the paper used for wrapping sandwiches, i found this company but they only sell in the thousands!!! know of any Supermarkets or something where I can get them? Thanks a lot.

The website didn’t work for me. Do you mean clear wrap or wax paper?

can you use wax paper to wrap sandwiches? i thought the wax would get on the sandwich… apologies for my ignorance!!!

MistaMan, I’m no chef, but I find wrapping sammiches with clear/cling wrap is the best way to wrap a sammich. Some use wax paper (which is what I thought you meant by “paper for wrapping sammiches”) but your sammy might fall apart if you keep it in your bag and move around a lot.

Hope this helps,

Wellman’s on Zhongshan N. Rd. Sec. 6 has brown paper sandwich bags sold in packs of I believe 100 e/a if that’s any help?? Xpet.

I guess people like what they’ve grown up with. Waxed paper was traditional before cling wrap, and some prefer it for the homey feel or the perceived environmental friendliness of it. You can use waxed baking paper for this; it’s available at the Xizhi/Nangang Costco, and various other stores around town including some Welcomes. But cling wrap works better.

And Zip Locks best of all as you can reuse them. use small ones for sandwiches so they don’t fall apart.