Sanmin Bookstore/ridiculous notification emails

Trivial question I know, but does anyone use and know if it’s possible to turn off notification emails? I’ve looked through the account options and don’t see anything.

I registered there last night to pre-order a book for collection, and for some bizarre reason the developers think I want to be notified by email every single time I log in to my account (I absolutely don’t). Like it’s a bank account or something, as opposed to a damn bookstore.

It’s irking me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Many shopping sites have adopted this technique nowadays in Taiwan: Shopee, Officepro… Set a filter and have them swept into folder marked ‘read’, if you can’t find a way to turn it off.

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I gave up and made a burner email acount for said situations. In fact i have multiple burner email accounts and even a burner phone and number for said stupidities. I have no answers for you other than everyone seems fine with this which enables companies which further enables manufacturers and so on. This is trickle up economics at its finest. Annoying as all fuck! Never give out your personal contacts unless truly important.


Yeah, I have several other e-mail accounts that I usually use for such purposes (and seldom check). I don’t know why I used my main one here - it didn’t even occur to me that a book store would do this. My online banking does, which is annoying enough yet kind of makes sense, but a book store

Yeah, that’s my plan B and I have a few such filters set up already. Shopee doesn’t send me those e-mails, oddly enough (just order notifications, which go to another account).