Sanyi - 2 quick questions


I’m probably heading to Sanyi tomorrow, and I have 2 quick questions.

1)Are there any decent places to stay the night for around $1000? Less is better - I just need something simple for one, that has a bed, bathroom and electricity to charge camera batteries.

2)How big is Sanyi? From the train station, can I easily walk to the main attractions (ie less than an hour’s walk from the station). I asked my Taiwanese co-workers and they said no, but then, they need a scooter to go to the 7-11 that’s 100m from our office. I read one site on the net that said you need to walk 10 mins from the train station then get on a bus, another site said the bus stop was 1 min away. But do you actually need a bus at all?

Thanks in advance.

I know they have a tourist bus that takes people from the train station to the wood carving museum and to the old Shengxing train station. Not sure about the schedule or anything. Walking from Sanyi station to the wood carving museum should be no problem, but if you want to check out the Xingsheng train station, the broken bridge, and the Hakka village (which you really should since there are great picture opportunities there), there’s no possible way you could walk there and even a taxi would be pretty expensive I think.

I take it you don’t have a scooter. Too bad since there are several pleasant mountain roads in that area.

No, I don’t have a scooter, which is a pity. Do you know if it’s possible to rent one? (Without a licence)