SARS tax number needed for bank acc in Taiwan

So my new employers e-mailed me asking if I have a SARS tax number, which is needed to open a new bank account. Problem is I don’t have one,

Any South Africans opened a bank account recently who needed a SARS tax number but didn’t have one? What did you do? Or any know of a friend who went through this?!

If you don’t have a tax number just say so. There should be a check box in the bank form saying 'i don’t have one '. It’s basically the equivalent of the USAs SSN number

It’s a new thing they are doing for bank data reciprocity as they will soon start reporting banking data of foreigners to their respective countries tax offices

Alright, thanks!

Totally worked, just checked the box that said I am unable to provide a tax number. Thanks again!

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