SARS Travel Discounts

Anyone seen any SARS travel discounts yet? Cheap tickets to Hong Kong, or cheap hotels in Hong Kong? Maybe now I can finally afford to stay on the HK Island side of the harbor.

Just look anywhere. Tickets to HK are dirt cheap right now. I believe i saw Nt 5000 including 4 nights stay. Don’t remember where i saw it tho.

  • 4 Nights stay ? :unamused:

I was quoted NT$ 6900 the cheapest with Thai Air …

You may be able to get a better discount with a package that includes Hong Kong’s Metropole Hotel. I think the ninth floor has a special right now. :smiling_imp:

You can pretty much pick up flights for less than NT$5,000 now to HK - my friends have gone and said the flights are about 40% full - ouch! Anyhow, we were looking at some hotels on the HK side, and there is one hotel called the Wesley Hong Kong that goes for about US$50 a day. It’s a nice clean tourist class (3***) hotel located in Wanchai. If you go to you’ll find the booking. If you’re staying for a month, you can get the rate down to about US$1,000 for the month. Now that’s cheaper than renting your own flat in HK so it’s a great rate.

It’s location is perfect, regardless of where you want to go in HK. The street car/trolly runs right past the hotel too so also super cheap. The only thing is the hotel doesn’t include breakfast and if you wanted it, there’s only Chinese breakfast. Pacific Place (shopping mall) is less than a 5 minute walk away. There’s plenty to eat around there. Safe travels!

I’ve been to the Wesley and quite liked it. It’s really conveniently located. I paid something between 560 and 570 HK$/night. Had never booked ahead but went straight to the Hotel reservation after arrival at the Hong Kong Airport (supposedly, they sometimes give better discounts than when you book ahead, but I never bothered to actually compare prices).


The Formosa Taroko Hotel is offering a very cheap two night package until June 19. The package includes two nights accomodation with breakfast and dinner each day for only NT$5998.

Anyone know of any good offers in BKK or Hanoi. I heard that in BKK you could get a 5* hotel for B500 but I think it was only if you were a local or had a Thai residency card (?)