Sartorial elegance for Internet pornographers

She’s a good lookin’ gal, to be sure… but that outfit is just plain goofy.

I think it is important to…ahh…umm…try and look past the outfit. :sunglasses:

Well, now we know why the porn squad was not holding dildos in the picture: apparently they have been snapped up by school children as birthday gifts.

[quote]Showing slides to Taipei Mayor Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) and city bureau chiefs of the merchandise available in the sex-toy shops, Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) City Councilor Lai Shu-ju (賴素如) asked officials whether they knew that the most popular birthday gifts among high school students were those “disgusting sex toys.”

“These sex shops have targeted young students as their major customers,” Lai said. “The businesses know there is no related law to regulate them, so they flagrantly operate around school areas, which has been seriously affecting the students’ mental and physical health.”[/quote]

But Mr. Horse replied that

My understanding of Taiwanese sex education is for students to read the relevant pages in their biology books as homework. I wonder if that is tested also.

Q1. A dildo may be inserted into the a___ or v_______.
Q2. You may find a dildo in a s___ shop or under your m_____ bed.

Isn’t this the place where it’s ok to show an enormous fake penis on the tv, but not a woman’s breast ?
Imagine a kid watching TV with his mother:

“What are they, mommy ?”
“Those are what ladies have when they’re grown up”

“What’s a dildo, mommy ?”

Guess which one can be shown and which one can’t ?


And how about those artful wooden “penis ashtrays” you can pick up in souvenir stores here.

I love those anatomically realistic but rather exaggeratedly large wooden penises on sale in many of the souvenir shops in Wulai – thrusting up in your face as you walk along the main tourist drag. I often wonder at the questions they must prompt from curious kiddies, and how their parents respond. And I wonder who buys them and where they display them or how they use them (I used to semi-jokingly offer to buy them for my lady companions in my old bachelor days, but my offer was never accepted.)