Satellite (BS + DISH HD)

A big price cut on DISH Taiwan. Finally!

Saw their price at Costco cost $36,xxx last week. I am not sure if I want to pay that much and their expensive equipment. Now they finally gives away free box. (A used one) So the total cost for a year is $12,000. This one has BS module built in to receive free HD channels from Japan. Too bad I don’t understand Japanese and I don’t care if the box has BS module in it. But it still looks like a good deal than the price at Costco. :discodance:

Unfortunately, with the increasing number of choices on MOD, there is much less to worry about if you install a MODTV than if you install DISH.

Given most of us live in apartments, it makes installing DishHD a real hassle, and the product offerings are increasingly found elsewhere. Why bother with it?