Satin Sheets?

Anyone? Where can I find satin sheets and pillow cases?

I can’t believe Stray Dog hasn’t replied yet.

Darned hard to get those spots out

Go to some of the shops on Haiphong Street (beside the MRT staion) in Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong. They’ll run you about 300-400HK.

I have some. When would you like to come experience them? :howyoudoin:

I wish to buy them for the man. So Sure, I’ll send him over there to experience them.


Go to some of the shops on Haiphong Street (beside the MRT staion) in Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong. They’ll run you about 300-400HK.[/quote]

Anyone know where to find these in Taipei? Thanks for any hints :slight_smile:

maybe B.Mori, quality purveyor of silk bedding, 92 FuXing South Rd section 1, DaAn district.

Thanks, I’ll check that and report back here :slight_smile:

Saw some nice ones in Ikea on monday, about NT$2,500 for the 200x200 ones (duvet covers that is)

I tried to find hi quality sheets here without luck. I wasn’t looking for satin but just a really high thread count. I found some online and have not been disappointed. They look and feel like satin but arn’t. They are so luxiourious. The price was low and after delivery fees, the price was about what I would have paid in the U.S. I think they were like 800 TPI or threads per inch. They have lasted for several years and still are a smooth as any baby’s ass. Sure beats the stuff you buy here. Now, to find some really good combo chicken feather and down pillows. Hard to find. I absolutely hate sleeping on foam.

Thanks for the replies so far… Will definitely give Ikea and the silk stuff one a try.

Maybe “Satin” is ambiguous… so what I’m looking for is not silk, but cotton satin - preferrably without any pattern.

There’s a small boutique right across from Ice Monster on Yongkang St. that specializes in linens. They had a “sale” a while ago. I went in and the prices were still quite high, but that’s the kind of store that should have what you’re looking for.

Well, Ikea (Asiaworld) has one set of satin sheets… material felt really good, but I didn’t like the colour and pattern. Well, I’ll give the other mentioned places a try and report back :slight_smile:

They have a few different colours, but yeah, the patterns and colours aren’t great.
You might want to try Eslite near the 101, there seemed to be a few bedding shops at the lower floors when I was there earlier today, but dunno what they stock.

You people don’t have cats I take it. :frowning:

Not anymore. Good stew!

Really? I saw only one set of Satin sheets… all the other stuff was other materials (and much cheaper). Anyway, let’s search on :slight_smile:

Oh, and what about the cats? Is Satin not cat-claw-resistant, while cotton is? :smiley:

Well, the Ikea in Hsinchuang had black, green, red, blue and I think another colour as well, but they’re all sort of mixed with some other colours and kinda striped, not sure if that was the same ones you saw.
And what’s with cats and satin sheets?