Saturday Soccer

Just signed my boy up for Saturday soccer at the TAS. This is the 3rd year running he will have played. He loves it. This year he has moved up to the “Minors”, 2nd and 3rd graders that is and he will have to go for his skill assessment on November 3, and then first training is on Monday November 10, and then the first game on Saturday November 15 at 1:40pm. He is pretty excited and has tried on his old soccer boots already and amazingly they still fit him. Which is lucky as I searched all over Taipei to find this one lone pair of soccer boots his size…

I think they do a pretty good job out there at the TAS and TYPA for the kids with thanks also to all the parents who volunteer. There is still time to register your kids, by the end of this month.

There are 8 games, 2 games for each month from Nov. to Feb with a BBQ for the kids on the last day and all kids get a medal and team photo. And they get to meet more kids to play with. Though lots of the kids still speak Chinese, this is the only time my boy gets to play with kids and speak only English, except for when we go back to Australia and he can play with his cousins. for more info

The Taipei European School does this as well. Great program.

I get most of my soccer stuff from this store in Shilin. They have a pretty good selection of general sporting equipment.

btw I’m in no way affiliated with the store…

Here’s the boss’s name card.

And, for those of down the “other” end of town, there is now a really good program:

We’ve been going to the Saturday soccer sessions, and my son LOVES it. My son is with the little ones and they teach basic skills without any pressure to “perform”. The session is all in English and there is a great mix of kids in the group so far.

The sessions are held at Gongguan Elementary school which is just off Keelung and Hsinhai roads.

There is something like 17 practices and a t-shirt included for $2500, which is really affordable.

The program is really just kicking off and so far they have ballet, soccer, French, and basketball. I understand the aim is to have a program similar to TYPA for the south end of Taipei.

(The organisers are also getting together a group of for Special Needs children, where they can try out these kinds of activities, and parents can share resources, too.)

Master Football Academy meets Saturday mornings right by the ShihPai MRT station. Ages 5-12