Saturday work days for 2007

jwbrunken wrote:

And we who love to sleep our Saturday mornings away are forever grateful in return.

I actually like the new plan. I’ve always hated situations where Thursday is a holiday, and Friday is a work day. I’ll happily work the odd Saturday if it gives me a three-day weekend.

And on another note, nobody’s boss is trying to pull a fast one on anybody. This new plan is a government response to so many people complaining that they wanted three day weekends. The make-up days are considered regular working days. The kids all need to go to school, and the adults all need to go to work. Don’t bitch and moan at your boss…he didn’t make the schedule.

Hey Stugatz,
My boss does make the schedule for his buisiness, what are you talking about? He also made and signed the contract that says I get a week off at chinese new year. Don’t bitch and moan about a post you clearly didn’t read or understand. :loco:

You are right, he does make the schedule. He makes the schedule based on the official work calendar issued by the government. Like it or hate it, that’s the calendar that companies need to go by. Seeing as the government amended the schedule to make the holiday stretch to the end of the week, he changed your school’s schedule as well (I’m assuming it’s a school. If not, the same thinking still applies). Chinese people always call Chinese New Year “a week”, even if it isn’t exactly 7 days. They almost never count weekends either. It’s good for you to call him on it, but it’s more of an annoying cultural difference than him trying to play tricks on you.

Sorry I offended you! But if you want to yell at someone, yell at the government monkeys that change plans every couple of weeks.

Still, your boss (or the government?) is still shit out of luck if you signed a contract with no Saturdays. Holidays are holidays.