Sausage, Breakfast Sausage and German Sausage... All hot dogs!

What the heck? Lol.

So what is sausage called?? Real sausage :stuck_out_tongue:

Ordered a sausage with 3 sauces. It was hot dog with ketchup mustard and mayo. The worst part it was run by a foreign dude with a perfect English accent. Charged $350. I was pretty pissed.

Other places do this too. All hot dog or Vienna sausage.

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Bud, a little context would really bring the whole narrative together.
Was this at Lawry’s Prime Rib, or some rando on the MRT with a big bag of meat, or did you order it on Ruten?

I don’t even know what this means, never mind what difference it makes.


So, you mean that…Vienna sausage isn’t sausage???

Sooo many questions…

Still, even if they were lovingly crafted artisanal hand ground from truffles and the boars that pull Thor’s chariot, you agreed to pay NT$350 for three tube steaks??:noway:


sausages in Taiwan are for the most part trash, no matter what kind of sausage you are expecting or hoping to get. Regardless of that, 350 NT is insane, wtf…

The only one who doesn’t mind about this issue is @Icon because she’s into tiny sausages.


If you think Vienna sausages or hot dogs can be called sausage at 350nt, then you are saying if you were served Chef Boy RD or Spaghettios for 350ntd, you would likely not know the difference and not be shocked? Perhaps we live in two different worlds.

The American owner that served these knows better, was my point, exploiting the wording. He also knows that mustard mayo and ketchup are condiments, not sauces. He knows better, for sure.

Sorry mate, there’s no other way to spell it out.

This was an actual walk in restaurant with no one inside but us, yet was talked up on their Google reviews. It seems that they upped up their own reviews. Was in the middle of Taipei, forgot the name. They advertised as a Brazilian style place. It was an American $1dollar/kids menu (like the food quality of a bowling alley kids menu) dressed up in fancy words with an American owner.

So, what you are telling us is there is a restaurant somewhere in Taipei that sells bad hotdogs.


And not a single “foreign” joke yet. The mind boggles. :confused:

Uhhh, pretty sure that’s not what I said…how’s your English accent??

Yeah, that’s what I don’t get.
OP, you can get three perfectly good hot dogs at 7-11 for way way less than NT$100. No need to be paying some weird Brit all that hard earned coin, man.:+1:


Get back to us when you’ve found an outstanding hotdog in Taipei. And we will need an address.

I’m also struggling to understand him, but that’s what I got too.

I assume OP complains about false advertising. As far as I understand him He bought three sausages, thinking they were different kind of sausages, but ended up getting three hot dogs instead.

If you got it right, then you can read minds! OK… what color am I thinking now?


Hair makes them look smaller. And it is quality and flavor we are after, not quantity.

After OP sets the record straight on his location, we can have a civilized conversation on places in Taipei where you can get really delicious sausage.