Where are all the sausage makers? Who’s still around?


Mr Sausage still is I believe. Pretty sure you can still get Churchill products in City Super. Meat Mate


I mean like manufacturer, whole sale.


All of those manufacture their own. Can’t say what quantities they are capable of providing, inquiring sounds like a good idea


Cory’s Kitchen down in Kaohsiung too.


Sounds like a line from “The Life Of Brian”.:smiley:
Are there any sausage festivals in Taiwan, apart from Tindr/nightclubs?


I really like Churchill’s. A bit on the small side but taste great. They can usually be found at the RT Mart and a few other supermarkets too.


Forumosa sometimes gets that way …


They got smaller! I used to could eat 3 for a meal, now it’s 4.

They have them at the Jason’s near Guting Station also. Churchill’s. There’s also Johnson’s (sp?) sausages, but they are more hot-dog-like.


Anything in Hsinchu?


Lucky you! I need around 15 and that gets freaking expensive…


Sorry , wrong thread


The ones sold in the RT Mart are a different size, half the size of the ones sold in Jasons unless they’ve changed. Could make a comment on local versus imported sausage size but I won’t.


Oh man, I once wanted just some regular snags for a good old fashioned sausage sizzle but I had to settle with this fancy English ones from Jasons
Also I had to boil the onion


No joke? That’s a bit silly. Packaging looks essentially the same. Guess I’ll try getting them from a few difference places. Churchills are all made in Taiwan though, as far as I know. They just taste better than 99.9% of the other local options.


No Joke! I was disappointed when I bought the RT mart ones as one sausage (Jason large) is twisted to form 2 so the RT Mart pack has, I think, 10 whereas the Jason’s had only 5 for the same weight and package size. It may have changed since then but check out Jason’s if you’re fond of a large sausage!


They actually advertise that on the website, small links is hotel and restaurant breakfast size.


Didn’t know that, RT Mart must fancy themselves in the restaurant supply business!


Gustos market of taste sells Italian style sausages


Wow. That’s it, I’m going