Ze Germans are still there as well:

  • German Soul in Kaohsiung (delivery to Taipei no problem)

  • Der Löwe in Taipei


Big fan of Mr. Sausage here. Try the chorizo and the breakfast sausages.


I like the Texas hotlinks


How about the world’s best sausage option, Boerewors? I’d love to buy some of that delicious South African treat again, but the only place I came across them recently was at Canada day… they were great, but the person making them was from down south somewhere and doesn’t deliver up north if I remember correctly.


It thought he lived in Hualien?


Maybe “down south” was also my memory tricking me. Although, technically, hualien is a bit south from Taipei - just like almost every other place in Taiwan :joy:


Mr Sausage does it, Meat Mate as well


Meat Mate is no more?