Ze Germans are still there as well:

  • German Soul in Kaohsiung (delivery to Taipei no problem)

  • Der Löwe in Taipei


Big fan of Mr. Sausage here. Try the chorizo and the breakfast sausages.


I like the Texas hotlinks


How about the world’s best sausage option, Boerewors? I’d love to buy some of that delicious South African treat again, but the only place I came across them recently was at Canada day… they were great, but the person making them was from down south somewhere and doesn’t deliver up north if I remember correctly.


It thought he lived in Hualien?


Maybe “down south” was also my memory tricking me. Although, technically, hualien is a bit south from Taipei - just like almost every other place in Taiwan :joy:


Mr Sausage does it, Meat Mate as well


Meat Mate is no more?


Had the Churchill English Wurst, good!

5 more to try!


Today I’ll try the chorizo!


Those Churchill ones all kind of tasted the same to me, except for the Thai one. Maybe the Italian one had a little more heat.


It’s like burgers, it’s all beef, the topping makes the difference probably. But sausages should have a subtle difference as other herbs and spices are used.


The chorizo are much more spicy than the other western ones, and the English ones have a stronger pepper taste for me. All the ones I’ve tried taste a bit different.


Just tried the chorizo it’s not bad but it’s not exactly what you should expect from a chorizo, it’s somewhat spicy but the meat chunks should be a bit bigger, and it should be a little more authentic spiced (seasoned).


The Churchill Thai sausage is getting better with every bite you take! Plenty of heat.


Whre and how much?


Don’t know. I buy wholesale.



How about prices?


I liked that flavor well enough, but never bought them again because they didn’t seem to go well with anything.

Available in freezer sections at Jason’s and City Super and maybe some Wellcomes. Typically around $300 for a 454g box. Definitely worth trying.