They are good enough on their own, but I’m making them with a twist.


What? have you tried to fry a couple of eggs, and even some fries or some veggies to serve with the sausages? I can’t believe that there are sausages the don’t go well with those things. You can even fry the sausages with some onion and then soak them a bit with beer and reduce it for a few minutes.

Eat all of this with bread.


Hope this doesn’t get taken out of context. :grin:


I thought she was more into Chewbacca, but I guess that a good sausage is a good sausage.


This is her only true love. Not sure what his sausage status is.


What was his name? I need to google something.


No sausage photos of him…as far as I know.



I had a look at the Churchill sausages and they look neat. Maybe a bit on the expensive side, but I’m definitely going to try them.

As for Icon, we all know she’s into tiny sausage friends.


It’s all about the butt!


What’s all about the butt?





her only true love


Those stripes just make the butt look bigger. Maybe not the right fashion choice.


You’re talking about Takeshi’s butt? I wasn’t aware he had one.


That’s the point!


Straight from the oven, Churchill’s German and Italian sausages.


Latinas care more about the butt. It is very important for future generations.


I thought wide hips were important in women, not men.


Coca Cola/guitar shape for women, nice pompis (like two little piglets) is the male ideal. Haven´t you seen Chayanne?

I have a picture of a young, shirtless Takeshi. Got a pompis closeup when I saw him in person. I can give you a link to a whole sausage discussion on one fansite but I think they banned it. Conclusion: noticeable (notable)