That sounds silly as a sausage.


How about Thai sausage talks to English sausage?


That sounds like what happens to many their first night in Bangkok. And probably not just the first one.


Don’t you have the DVD of that?


Right now I only have two Jap DVD’s in stock, but I can get whatever floats your boat in a couple of days… for a price.


are they filmed personally by yourself or outsourced?


You are asking too many questions.


Ehem…putting this here so you gusy know what we were discussing. A pal sent me this from Mexico: underwear for me, with strategic support where it matters:


If it needs support more squats are needed!

#90 is the best website name I can recall


Right to the point. Catchy. Good marketing.


What I want to know is why they used “bum”? Brits aren’t exactly known for their perky posteriors. It should have been or Although, to be fair, those domain names may already be owned by some online porn company.




Ricky Martin. Now, there’s a ladies man in a sausage thread.


Again, not “bum.” What’s sexy about dirty hobos?


Bum / bon chabuduo.


I tried the churchill sausages. Pretty good! I wish the Super I went to had more variety, though. They only had spanish and thai. I tried the thai and while very nice, the seasoning was a bit too “thai” for me. I think they’ll be great for anyone who likes thai food.
Next time I’ll try to hunt some european versions.


Smelly indigents and tasty chocolate treats? Cha hen duo.


Now thats a surprise the Thai sausages tased like Thai food :joy:
And when is Spain not in Europe? did they have a Spexit :rofl:


The seasoning was a bit too strong for my taste, I was expecting them to be slightly spicy or something like that, but they turned out to taste too much of real thai food for me.

I have no idea how spanish sausages may be seasoned, so next time i’ll try the uk/german/italian versions. Can’ trust paella-people.