Now I want to get some.

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I had them while my wife wasn’t at home because I didn’t want to prepare a dinner for two only to find out we didn’t like them, but since my wife is a fan of thai food i’ll definitely get another box for her. If you like thai food, I’d definitely recommend them.

I cooked them in our oven following the instructions on the box, i think something like 200 C for 20/25 minutes, and they were perfect. Cut them in half, then had a sandwich using bread from the Purebread bakery and added a bit of melted cheese.



Like I said upthread: they’re tasty - nice Thai flavor. But I didn’t buy them again because I never quite figured out what to do with them. I’ve used the chorizo many times in Mexican cooking; the Italian ones in stews, and on their own; but otherwise I eat sausages with some combination of fried eggs, pancakes, french toast, or waffles, and the Thai flavor simply doesn’t match.



I think I know what he means, I found that while they tasted like Thai food, like lemon grassy and all, it didn’t really…“work”, I guess, in the sausage.
For me, anyways.

My money would be solidly on the British ones.

Oh yeah, be advised, if you don’t cook the whole pack at first, you’ll need to do so within a couple days. they go over real fast.
Which is a good sign, I reckon, indicating minimal additives etc.



If you do something for me I’ll give you a recipe that makes Thai sausages work for you.

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I just keep them in the freezer. Usually they’ll break apart by bending the package, but once in a while I’ll need to take the iced-together block out and pry them apart with a knife.

EDIT: Belgian Pie, I just gave you a like! Do I get a recipe for all my hard work?



What work? Oh, you clicked on the heart! Really hard! :wink:

Let me think, because it’s a secret, and I’ll have to find a way to get it to you and I need to be sure I can trust you not giving it to everyone.:shushing_face:

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May need to go to a Bangkok massage parlor for that.



Apparently there are a few lady’s in Thailand that have sausages that work

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tried them before but wasn’t impressed. i bought them at jason’s, package already had frost on it, so i don’t know how much that influenced the taste of the sausages. but i thought it was pretty bland and hard to chew(there were some bits inside which were not chewable). that must’ve been either the german or british style sausage. i bought another badge which was a different style, i think italian. but the feeling was the same, just bland and no character at all. that’s just my opinion. if you think it’s fine, then go for it!


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You two should have that conversation in private.



Churchill’s sausages are available in nearly all Jason’s, City’super and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi supermarkets. The pack sizes and sausage size are different in RT Mart, but they will be discontinued. Churchill’s is principally a wholesaler, but you can buy directly from the website or the FB page. Cheers!



Churchill’s sausages have no preservatives (or MSG or artificial colours, etc), which is why they are sold frozen.

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They end up in a baguette with ketchup in our house, as well as frequently on the BBQ. Good chopped up in noodle dishes too or wrapped in lettuce with basil and mint.



Who’s to say we didn’t?



Or just on a skewer as snack.

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And if you think they are bland just add … mustard, ketchup … your imagination.:wink:



Does Churchill’s offer any 8" sausages?



This is happening at Tianmu Carrefour. One Forumosan got there before me :slight_smile:

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