Save the Children foundation leaves Taiwan off country list

Here we go again. Been down this road before.

Seems that the SAVE THE CHILDREN foundation, a worldwide kids group to help kids in need, etc., they do great things worldwide, every year they publish a list of the best countries to be a MUM and the worst countries to be a MUM. NEWSWEEK has a listing this week on the Web now in the Periscope section. And guess what?

You already know.

Taiwan is not included on either list. Taiwan does not exist in the mind of SAVE THE CHILDREN, which is also bullied by China to delist Taiwan and just call it part of China.

Should we protest? No. What good would it do?

However, should you wish to protest, you can write to NEWSWEEK and SAVE THE CHILDREN by looking them up on the googleweb. The emails are there somewhere.

Is this a big deal? No.

But it is Mother’s Day next Sunday, and Taiwan should be around 15th on the list as the best place to be a mother, no? What’s your guess? From 1 to 150, where does Taiwan come in as a healthy, good place to be a mum?

I will post the link later: Or maybe someone else has time to find it.

Ratings: Not Mother’s Day

The 10 best, and worst, countries to be a mother


May 12 issue

Flowers are nice, but a new report from Save the Children suggests that schooling and basic health care would make better Mother

The Netherlands??? :shock: Don’t make me laugh. I’d MUCH rather be a woman in Taiwan giving birth than the Netherlands. The Dutch medical system is absolute crap. … em_id=8859

Damn, you have to hand it to them – those Dutch quacks certainly aren’t lacking in the humor department!

Damn, you have to hand it to them – those Dutch quacks certainly aren’t lacking in the humor department![/quote]

I think that’s “kvack”.

Before you go off half cocked, let’s think about where Taiwan would end up, if it was put on the list. Perhaps it was the Taiwanese who asked that it be removed, elections are coming.

I recokon we wouldn’t have done too badly. Up with the Swedens no but respectably and surely better than the lot we’re lumped in with now.

Don’t know - the wife told me last week about an article “Taiwan’s women: Why aren’t you angry” describing the Victorian state of knowledge about childbirth in Taiwan’s medical system.

Some of the stuff in this article was shocking: the amount of drugs women are given, the position the mother is made to take (flat on her back to make it easier to monitor the baby. It’s a lot more painful that way, but that’s ok, they just pump insome more painkillers ), expectant mothers not being supposed to get up (to use the toilet, for example) during possibly day-long labour because they’d have to disconnect the monitor, and on and on. Then, of course, there’s the C-sections.

The whole approach is dehumanising, demonstrating ignorance, inertia and institutional negligence in a medical profession that can’t be arsed about the people it’s supposed to be serving.

I’ve no personal experience, but so spoke the article.

if you’re interested, here’s the link


Wow! All I can say is make sure you go to Chung Shan hospital if you’ve a need to drop a sprog! My wife had none of the things mentioned there apart from some pain killers (not epidural).

Let’s not forget Taiwan’s record on sexual discimination, spousal and child abuse. Perhaps they were being kind when they lumped Taiwan’s rating with China’s.

Thanks for the tip, we might need it one day.

Any Chinese-literate person who is interested in birth issues might like to look at the following short article from a Hong Kong-based web site: [url=]

having just given birth at Chung Shan, I can agree.

One time with Epidural, once without. If you get the Epidural, you will need an IV, without no IV needed. If you request no enima, none given. Doctors there are much more willing to work with the mom.