Saving a cat

I made a new friend today.

He is a little kitten that lives just outside my house. I brought him some canned tuna and he was hungry.

I have a dog that is about 7 months old now. How do you think he will react if I bring the cat home?

Any ideas about how to help him accept a new kitten in the house?

Well, you’re doing it the right way round - cats don’t welcome canine newcomers to the home so readily.

Keep the kitty in a separate room, but one where the dog can smell and maybe hear him. Once the dog seems to be calm(er) about that (perhaps after a day or so), bring the kitten into the same room as the dog but inside a cage or carrier.

Allow the animals to get used to each other in this way for a couple of days, then take the kitten out and hold him out for the dog to sniff. If the dog seems calm, put the kitten on the floor and hold your dog by the collar so that he can’t get to the little feline. What you want is for the dog to lie down and watch the little guy explore.

Only when your dog seems calm in this situation should you let go of his collar. Monitor the two very carefully over the next hour or so, and be careful not to give the kitten more attention than the dog.

Good luck, and well done! :slight_smile: :bravo: :notworthy:

No kidding, two of our cats are real dog haters. The kitten however plays with lucky all day long. She’s going to be a very independant cat because we never have to give her much attention as she’s always playing with the dog.

I think it really depends on your dog’s personality Lo Bo To. Some dogs will adapt to a kitten in the house very quickly and others will take more time.

SD’s suggestions are excellent. I think that by observing your dog’s behaviour, you will get a really good idea of how well he will adapt. If his tail goes up and the fur becomes puffy, I would take it real slow and keep the kitten out of arms way. It takes one bite from a dog to kill a cat.

On the other hand if your dog is wagging his tail, then it’s a good sign that your new friend is welcome. Even then, I think it is important like SD mentioned not to give the cat more attention than the dog. Some dogs have very jealous personalities while others are more laid back that way.

Let us know how they get along and well done indeed! :bravo:


Don’t forget that even if your dog likes the cat, the cat might take more time getting used to the dog. When I brought Stimby home our cats were not too thrilled, he however was estatic. Now both cats let him stick his nose up their butts, one of them still gives him the occassional swat in the face though. He’s getting really good at reading kitty language for “back off”.