Saving Email as Text file?

I want to back-up my important computer files. Is there anyway to save an email “inbox” (“outbox”, etc.) as a text file . . . . . or some other appropriate format so that it can be read by another program?

I am using a program called Outlook Express. I have a normal PC here in Taipei. (I am certainly not using any Apple products . . . . )

If there is another email program that facilitates this sort of thing, I might consider using it . . . . so suggestions along that line would also be appreciated. However, I still have to worry about backing up my current “inbox” now, as I have a lot of important email there that I want to refer to in the future.

So, any advice you can offer would be welcome.

I use Outlook (not Express) and it does have some Import/Export function. Click on the “File” menu …


This is good advice. However, in my situation, my Inbox and Outbox files are several megas in size.

So how can I copy these (or backup) to a floppy disc? It would make more sense to copy (backup) these files to a read-write CD ROM.

However, how can I do that? I have to use NERO to copy to the CD ROM, but the Outlook Express program wants me to “backup” the files using its methodology . . . . . (I believe it is called “exporting” . . . . )

Any suggestions?