'Saving Grace'(BLIND doggy needs a home)

Ohhh nooo…
Look who has been hanging around my home. I tried to walk past her but she followed me and threw herself against my legs. I knelt down and she shuffled under my arm and lay her chin on my knee and looked up at me…GAAAAAAWD hate when they do that!!!

Freakiest thing is that she looks like a mix between Happy(my friends dog) and Deloris(the dog I thought I was fostering…hehe)

The male dogs in the area started to close in on ‘Grace’ so my friend and I decided to take her to the vet to get her spayed. Living up on Hsintien mountain, new faces appear weekly, but Grace seemed so friendly and soft that I thought I just MAY have a chance to find her a home. So she will be living in a crate at my house for a week(shes coming back from the vet tomorrow) and once she’s healed I’m releasing her back onto the street. If I didnt have 3 dogs to think about I would foster her for longer…but I just have no space.

So, here’s to hoping that maybe someone feels like having a dog and was waiting for a sign…and found this forum and saw her pic.

:slight_smile:Shes much cuter than this pic…will take more tomorrow. We’re spending NT$ 4000 to get all the rabies shots etc…and if anyone is interested I will get her a microchip too.

Why isn’t my pic working?

You’re a real sweetie, Battery9. Best of luck with Grace. She looks pretty sweet, too.

She really is a sweetheart, isn’t she? I’d foster her for you if I lived in the Taipei area but I’m just too far away and there are too many dogs here that need fostering and homing. My latest foster dog, Abby, was just homed tonight after three months of looking. I don’t think it will be too long before I have another!

Won’t someone give this dog a chance? Battery9 has done all the dirty work, now all someone has to do is give this dog a home, love and attention. Good job, Battery9!

You might try asking some Taiwanese friends if they would post Grace on their blogs! it worked for me and I didn’t even know that she had done so!

I am even willing to pay all the costs if someone can take her to Canada?! Shes such a lovey dovey…

I have her tied outside my house now…but shes wearing that dome thing and the noise of it is freaking my dogs out. Deloris already bit her twice. The only place to tie her is in front of my house, but now my dogs are lying by the door going nuts, attacking each other.
And getting them past her to take them for a walk…ouch!

Is there ANYONE out there with a yard or some place to keep her for a week? I would pay for food and whatever else…but the way she is freaking out now shes bound to hurt her wound.

She was going way too nuts so I took the dome off…she is MUCH better now. Actually relaxed and sleeping…her wound is bleeding a bit from all the bashing about trying to get the dome off…

poor girl.

here are some pics of her…She’s doing much better minus the dome.

Keep up the good work B9! :slight_smile:

for the time being I’m going to keep her (move her into my house etc) until the 16th…then fly/drive her to Hualien to Totallytika. But if ANYONE knows of anybody that can help or any websites where people abroad are trying to get animals off this island…or any alternative…please let me know.

thanks SOOOOOOOOOOO much TT…we will find her a home. She deserves it being soooo lovey!

You’re welcome Battery9! Finding her a good home is not going to be easy in Hualien, so I’m asking anyone on the island to consider this little girl as an addition to your home. Somehow, we’ll arrange to get her to you if you are willing to provide her with a warm loving environment. Something tells me that Grace is going to make someone a wonderful companion. In the meantime, she can stay with my dogs and I once I return from house/dog sitting until a permanent home is found for her.

I just got home to find that she turned on the tap that I tied her to…AAARGH!!! All the blankets were soaked, and she was trying to stay as far away from it as possible, but was still soaked…poor thing! I have her in my house now…Sambuka doesnt mind her, but Deloris growls at her.

only time will tell…:slight_smile: My Chinese co-worker has put her on her blog…please all send out positive energy on this one…we need it.


Grace indoors…


Grace was indoors alone with my dogs all day, I leave the back door open for them. I came home to NO PEE!!! YAY…but she did chew a sock she found in my laundry basket. She’s still young, I guess shes a little over a year. And she LOVES putting her head on my knee…

bad news
When I got Grace from the vet (after her surgery) I immediately complained about the wound. Her stomach looked like it had dropped out or something…like they cut her muscles. The vet just said that its swelling.

It bugged me yesterday , and today she started pooping blood. I took her in tonite and after digging into the wound the vet said she has a bad infection and they need to operate. I put my bags down thinking its an emergency, but he then said he doesnt LIKE operating after 6pm…and tomorrow is his day off. SO he can only operate her Wednesday afternoon.

whaaat!!! I got so angry and reminded him of my complaint when I first saw her after the op. He then said he will only charge me 2000 for the operation. I said that I demand she be operated tomorrow…but he said only he can operate her…( I think hes hiding his screw-up from his colleagues) SO he said she will stay there tonite, tomorrow, and three days after the op…and get lots of medicine , AND be operated, and all this will only cost me 2000.

So, it can be a terrific deal (from someone who didnt want to let her stay there for less than 600 a day last week) OR it can be him feeling bad for screwing up.

I felt like taking her to another vet…but all the attention she needs now will cost a fortune.

ugh…POOR GIRL!!! She was so good…even when he squeezed her tummy till stuff oozed out of the cut she didnt even make a sound. Just lay and licked my hand…such a trooper.

You are doing a wonderful thing, here, Battery9. I really hope that it turns out okay for her and am looking forward to having her stay with us here until she’s homed. This little girl is lucky to have you! More in a pm.

I went to the vet and they didnt have to operate…the wound got better from all the meds they gave her the past 2 days. She still needs to stay there for 2 more days. She looks so sad lying in her cage with that dome on…almost broke through the bars when she saw me…

Grace will be well enough to come home tomorrow…