Saving Selma

I found the most beautiful Great Dane on the road in front of my place. Her name is Selma and she has one brown eye and one almost white eye. She is so beautiful and has an amazing temperament I feel she is just too big to have any chance of a good home here. I am trying to run a story in the newspapers in my home town of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Has anyone ever tried this? I think this is a great way to help some animals. You can even get donations if that’s an issue. Something to think about. This could turn out to be an amazing story.

Where are you? Do you have a pic?

I will try to get a pic on ASAP. I’m in Dajia.

I am working with some newspapers back home to find Selma ( a great dane) a home in Canada. When I do find her a home. I would really like to find a great Canadian to take her home for me. Home is in the Toronto area. Come on folks, be part of this amazing story. I am willing to help you out with your flight. Trust me, it is very simple to do.

I can voutch for that. Getting in to canada is easier than getting out of Taiwan with a dog, I took home two. Can you send me a picture of Selma? I live in Edmonton and have connections in Prince George, if you want i can ask around and see if there are any people wanting to adopt her here, although if you have the news papers on your side I am sure you won’t have any trouble getting her to TO

Any update?

We are so close. I have a girl leaving next week for Canada and she wants to take Selma with her. This is going to be really tight. I am running around trying to get things in order. She will get a rabies shot tonight, it is supposed to be a minimum of 30 days before she leaves but I am working on that. Living in Dajia also poses another problem. I must take a day off work and take her to the city, the problem is transportation to Taichung. Thank You straydog for the help.

I don’t know if this helps but I screwed up the whole rabies shot thing and got it done 30 days before I left, not 30 days before I went to see the Quarenteen office, the guy said that because I was going to Canada that he would sign as long as I took responsability for anything that went wrong at my end. The rules for going to Canada say that if you don’t have a rabies shot you must get one with in 2?weeks of entering the country and show proof that you did this.

Anoyone interested in Edmonton wouldsprite, thanks for your help

I haven’t asked anyone yet because I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to. Send me a picture and I will start asking around. There has got to be somebody here who would love a Great Dane and be a good owner. I will be super picking in saying yes because I know how it is to find a really
good home for a dog even in Canada. So give me a picture and I will give it a try. I will also see if my parents know anyone in my home town that might like a great dane and be a good family for her

I live in Montreal, Canada. I will be going back to Taiwan in September~if you still need help in bringing the dog back, I can help.
I have some connections here with animal rescue groups so I will also ask around here if people are interested in adopting a Great Dane. They are such cute breed…^^
Good Luck~ :laughing:

Hello Annly and thanks for the offer, I will keep you posted. I remember you from last november, I was trying to help you bring a dog and a cat to Toronto. Hope that worked out.

When are you going to send us a picture?

I don’t think the one in pink is available for adoption. :wink:

She is beautiful. You still want me to start asking around? It will be easier now with the pictures.

Do you still have your girl leaving with the dog?

We leave for Toronto on April 12th. I’d be willing to help. Once in Canada though, I’d have no place to put her. Know anywhere yet?

We’re close to Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo.

My girl already left with two dogs. Let me get back to you because it looks like we have a home for her right here in Taiwan. Thank you.

I am happy to say that Selma has found a new family. She has a friend(Athena- another Dane) a big yard and a loving family.

Thanks a million for setting that up, LDEML. I can’t imagine a better home for Athena and Selma. I was very sad to see her go, but I hear she has already settled in and become a much loved part of the family.

I really appreciate you arranging the meeting.

And keep up the great work (LDEML has only been here 8 months, and he’s already rescued and rehomed twenty dogs).

:bravo: :notworthy: :slight_smile:

Awsome Job! Way to go, it is probably nicer for them to stay in Taiwan as it gets pretty cold in the winters in Canada and they wouldn’t be able to be outside as much. That is wonderful to hear :notworthy: :bravo: