Saving the Mac: how to tell if it is on or off


Again, that’s the kind of nonsense that an incompetent IT guy would promote. Windows sends the text to the printers as a vector graphic, which means that they can print ANYTHING… as long as you use the right font, and the text is properly codified.

If you’re mixing Chinese and Spanish, you will need to use Unicode. This is the kind of error that you see when you can read western characters but Chinese appears all garbled. Use Unicode-8 (utf-8) and these problems go away.

Again, some fonts don’t have accented characters. If you use a Chinese font, it might happen that it doesn’t have the accented characters to display. If you use ANY font that supports basic latin unicode, like any basic Microsoft font (Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman…), the only thing you have to do is what I tell you: go to the regional options, languages, then change the input keyboard to Spanish. You’ll get the º, Ñ, and accented characters.

If you’re using a US/Chinese keyboard in that manner, though, you’ll lose the < > keys (usually between the Z and the left shift key), but for writing normal text, that’s a minor inconvenience compared to the ability to write accented characters.


Aha! There you go. It always seened weird to me that we had the signs before but each “upgrade” we lost some.

The primero sign has a line underneath. Just the little ball means temperature, not order / ordinal. When we send the stuff to the printers, we have to draw the line underneath and make sure it is printed correctly. We used to have the sign in storage to copy/paste. Alas, it was lost.


That’s not a missed sign, that’s the text font. If you try a few different fonts, you’ll see that the º sign appears as the ordinal one sometimes, and sometimes as degrees. Blame that on the incompetent font designers that don’t like the line under the small “o”. If you press shift and the same key, you’ll get ª, which is clearly the ordinal. It’s a font problem, rather than a codification one.

1º, 2º, 3º…
1ª, 2ª, 3ª…

Try copying that text, selecting it, and then changing it into different fonts, and you’ll see the line appear and disappear. For example, in Calibri (Microsoft Font that comes with Windows), the line appears, but not in Arial (also MS font).

My guess is that some font designers don’t even know what that sign stands for, and they mistake it for the temperature (and they don’t even know what the “a” stands for). Without knowing the signs, they think that the line is just a mistake and they delete it. Other designers are more careful and keep the sign as is, only changing the aspect of it.

Try it, you’ll see what I mean. If the font you’re currently using doesn’t have these signs, it’s a matter of finding one that does. Trial and error.


I cannot use the degree one to say primero or centesimo. I need that line. To have the fonts, ypu need it in the software. It is not there.


I’m telling you, the key I used is the one for the ordinal symbol. Some fonts don’t have it because the designers are incompetent, but some others do. In your computer, you must have different fonts. Just try until you find one that has the line as it should be. If your Mac doesn’t have any fonts with it, then it means that that’s something that PCs do better than Macs out of the box, since they have at least a couple of fonts that display those characters correctly.

Seriously, try some different fonts until you find one that has the symbol displayed correctly. They are not different symbols, they’re the same, but because of design reasons, the font creators decided to leave the line under the º out. Just try what I told you, copy the symbol here, paste it into word (or any word processor you use) and change the typeface to another font. Keep trying fonts until you see that the line under the symbol appears. It is the right symbol, it’s the font that is wrong.

If the font you use in your magazine can’t display the line under the symbol, you’ll have to change the font for the Spanish magazine, so it displays the characters correctly.



Icon, I think that your company needs the latest MAC with the highest specs to be able to render that line under the º

BTW, how old is that MAC? haven’t PC’s evolved enough for catching up with the cutting edge technology of that 10 years old MAC? :smiley:

Jokes aside, as Blaquesmith says it is a problem with the fonts. And I’m sure that any 5 years old PC is more than capable to do a decent job with whatever shit you guys are doing at your office, because if I’m not wrong, you guys are not designing 5 meter tall advertisement posters rendering complex 3D’s that are rich in textures…

Knowledgeable designers and architects know that MAC’s are just for showing them off to clients. They do NOT perform better than PC’s, and the same than some people here say that (rotten) Apple products are super easy to use, my gf never got used to the MacBook Air that I bought her 4 years ago and doesn’t use it that much, because “Windows is easier and better”.

Did I read 50k for a laptop? :joy:


I did ask our designer in chief why we used Macs. She said it was a professional tool and that colors were more accurate in Mac rather than PC. I quote.


LOL. Colors are more accurante in MAC than in PC :joy:


It is dead, Jim. The Mac has finally croaked. And yes, it went out by power failure.

We have called the Apple repairman, he is on his way. Not holding any hopes but there are two book projects in it. We have to try. Anyways, we are doomed.:sob:


Im a professional designer, I prefer macs for work but I use both since I grew up with PC. My parents owned a mom/pop PC shop back in the Dos days. I use PC for games Mac for Work. As far as colors being more accurate it depends on the monitor of course but generally back then and even now the Macs have a nicer display. I haven’t found a PC minitor that beats my Mac 5K 27" display yet. Was looking for one for some time. Also Ive never had a problem with Mac OS but with PC there always was problems 2-3 times a year. As far as 2D software like Photoshop and Illustrator I prefer how it looks/works on MAC but when we run 3D software like Pro E, Solidworks, Rhino, Alias most of them require PC so we dual boot macs or use PC



That is a word you do not want to hear from the repairperson.

We are beyond doomed. We are (/&%$·"!! The project was supposed to be sent to printers today at 3pm…

Did I mention this was a newer model? It had the latest software for graphics and design, too. Had.