Saw a monkey on the powerlines today

But anyways, my question was just to find out the reason that people were excited by the monkey. I thought maybe they were a rare species here or something.

Up here, in the north they are not that common as down south and central Taiwan.

You can hear them but not see once in a while.

Can we get directions to the Tianmu Walk please. :notworthy:

Oh and before anybody says anything I promise not to engage the monkees in any carnal activities this time. Besides I heard Taiwanese monkees aren’t quite as easy as Indonesian monkees… Shame about that though.


Just go all the way to the end of Chung Shan N. Rd. (中山北路)… I guess that would be section 6 or 7… The trail (steps) starts on the right-hand side of the road facing north and goes up past a few houses and back yards.

That sounds easy. Thanks Tiger.

Sounds easy. I tried to find it one day and ended up taking a nice walk up the mountains along the streets but no path.

A little off-topic but I finally saw squirrels in trees last year, which is probably something a lot of you take for granted. I used to go to pet shops and stare at the squirells here in Taiwan. I

'd love to see a monkey in its natural environment here,


'd love to see a monkey in its natural environment here,[/quote]

Richradm…we’re waiting…


'd love to see a monkey in its natural environment here,[/quote]

Richradm…we’re waiting…[/quote]
That was so funny I forgot to laugh.

The squirrels here are scary-looking. I used to see all these cute, clean, furry squirrels back home, but the ones in the botanical garden are kinda rabid-looking with this wiry dark hair. Really bizarre, kind of looks like a Taiwanese dude’s pubic hair hanging upside-down in a tree.

Yes, jdsmith, my mom punched a baboon in the face in the Kruger National Park!

That’s no way to talk about your father.[/quote]

Buahahaha! No, that would probably have been an improvement of the bloodline.

Monkeys reported in the China Post today: … 3272&GRP=g

It’s true, they’re everywhere, watching us, waiting to snatch up or betel nut.

Just heard on the ICRT news that some Taiwan monkeys contain some infectious diseases, and that Hong Kong is advising nationals not to mess with them :astonished: