Saw dine and dash on Taiwanese news

I saw what looked like a dine and dash on the local Taipei news (CCTV footage).

Restaurant staff chased after a man who did not pay…and caught him.

In Australia, staff might chase (if they noticed) but it would definitely not be newsworthy (unless it involved injuries/serious violence).

All that would likely happen in Australia is they would make you pay. If you had the money and paid then I’m pretty sure the restaurant would accept that and end of story…if not then I am not sure what would happen.

Just a slow news days in Taipei?..who knows maybe they actually do call the police for this type of thing here or may it really is that uncommon…and thus newsworthy.

Just about every day is a slow news day in this country. I once turned on the news just to see a story about the newest baby panda at the zoo rolling over. That was it. It just rolled over.


Welcome to Taiwan news… where there is no news. TVBS is called that… they are full of it.

You’ll see plenty of news stories about some guy had sex with his girlfriend, pulled out, and she still ended up pregnant. Or you will see story about how some guy went to a restaurant and found cockroaches. I think some businesses probably pay news network for coverage… If they saw it on TV, a bunch of people will line up to eat there. Sometimes bad publicity is better than no publicity.

Oh and sometimes traffic accidents end up on the news too, like a woman jaywalks, gets hit, no serious injury, but somehow newsworthy.


Taiwan television news seems famous for covering any story and any angle of that story that will fill a block of time. It’s kind of comical to me, but I have to admit that the result is that Taiwanese are possibly the most knowledgeable citizens, as a class, that I’ve ever experienced. A restaurant on the outskirts of Taoyuan had a runner and somebody had the wherewithal to film it? They’re going to know about that in Kaoshiung by suppertime.

Frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if they led the newscast off with a short clip of the runner and “story coming up,” to be followed later by five minutes, the full video, and an animation to point out the details.


A lot of informative stuff for sure.


When I was a young man, and even stupider, I was in an Indian restaurant with a bunch of drunk mates and we decided to do a runner.

To exit the establishment meant running down a staircase to the front door. The staff had cottoned on to our plan and locked the front door. About 10 of us dived down the stairs only to end up in a heap as we hit the door.

The very pleasant South Asian manager walked down to us and said “Can we have credit card please, sir?”.

We left a big tip and I, for one, learnt from the error of my ways.

That would have made good TV on BSTV.


When a story marked as 獨家 comes up, run as fast as you can. If it’s not even newsworthy enough for the other channels, it’s just plain old bullshit and you’ll learn more from having a beer instead.

Remember when it rolled back again the next day. That was really something.

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Fine, mock it if you want but the news in Taiwan encourages good behavior…because anything you do (as a foreigner) could be a national story inside the hour.

I’ve left without paying in a place I frequented on a semi-regular basis before. When I returned that evening, telling them that I needed to pay, they laughed, said they noticed and said they figured that I would come back. Another time a vendor let me leave without paying for water because he didn’t have change and I promised him that I would come back in a few hours.


It encourages good behaviour from a specific sub-section of society. A road most countries wouldn’t go down.

Are you saying that’s a good thing…Because that most definitely sucks.

Was a lot more wild and free in the old days.

Not said by me, squire.

EDIT: Sorted! :+1:

Normally I appreciate living in a largely uneventful country and not having to hear a bunch of stories about violent crimes every day. But since they have basically nothing else, Taiwanese news tends to make a spectacle of traffic accidents and other upsetting events and that really bothers me. I think I’ve already talked about this before but it bears repeating. It’s the main reason why I don’t watch the news here at all. Who can stand seeing the same footage over and over again of some horrible scooter crash, and all the people crying about it? Not me…


One of the issues is the high percentage of local and national news. As you say, Taiwan is generally uneventful. So, if 80%+ of news time (with how many TV news channels - 5?) is on generally uneventful local and national news events they have no choice but to show the car crash on Freeway 1 twenty times.

If they could show more international news that would help matters. Although then we’d be seeing terrorist attacks.


They sure are holding on to this format. How they all agreed decades ago that this was the format they’d use and not change is weird just weird man. Amateurish

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Taiwan’s news channels are the closest thing to CNX (A CNNNN subsidiary channel) that I’ve seen.

Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) there is a lot of Taiwanese footage there.

As part of my job, I watch the news daily, morning and evening, talk shows, scan the newspapers and quick search the net for top Taiwan stories. That is torture enough, but then recently the bosses have been on our case to increase the likes on social media and clicks on our website. they want stuff unique to Taiwan, they said, we must promote Taiwan. Ok…

So I got to dig the worse stuff, the weird stuff, the unique stuff from the depths of the net. Among them: the two stones that got married -big ceremony, tourist attraction-, regular notes on the latest MRT cards, anything from the zoo -yes, rolling pandas, births, birthdays, hot in summer-, Taipei-henge, heart shaped pomelos, quirky mascots in quirky festivals, all kinds of desserts and snacks, art made with garbage, and religious ceremonies as long as they are quirky, like the parade in Keelung of people dragging chains or as the spirit generals handing out bread.


I saw a tv news bulletin about a breakfast place that got robbed once, they had security footage of a couple of guys walking around with ski masks and bats wacking rice cookers, to try and intimidate the owners into handing over all their takings. They kept playing the footage over and over for it must have been 15 minutes.

These thieves didn’t look that scary though, almost looked like little boys playing pretend… suppose if you were there it would be scary nonetheless.


My god man your job sounds like hell. Not that mine is any better