Saw someone put a dog caged in their trunk

The other day at the park, I saw a guy put his dog in a cage in the trunk of his car. He was going home in the car with the dog in the trunk.

What is the legality of this? I find it abusive, but I don’t actually know the law on this. Maybe it’s not abusive to others if he’s actually driving (vs leaving the car alone). I dont know if I’m extra empathetic to pets or if the law also thinks this way.

What ARE the laws for this kinda thing? I wrote down the license plate just in case.

Were all the seats full? I think you can call the 1111 number or whatever its called

It could’ve been my neighbour on the next street. They have a closed garage, with 2 medium sized dogs in a separate cage within. The dogs hardly ever leave the cage, except when it’s being cleaned of faeces.

Some pets get a raw deal here. Sometimes arguably almost better to be a street dog.


I know which one I’d pick.


Article 5 of Animal Protection Act

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Nope was just him and dogdog

5.2.9 may not allow trunkage, but it’s also likely for a short distance. Damn.

If you want to report any animal abuse then you can call 1999 or 24-hour animal rescue line (02-87913064 ~ 5) for Taipei city

For New Taipei city , Animal rescue line (02)29596353


I would see 5.2.7 almost weekly in Taipei.
‘Just taking the dog for a run behind the scooter’.