Scads of data, reams of cds

What’s a guy to do to…

organize, remove duplicates, and otherwise manage 500GBs of data!?

Suggestions, please? Are there any good opensource file management programs or any good ones for sale? Or should I just chill, delete everything and go back to pen&paper?



I use File Manager on Linux.

Very efficient.

Locate and remove duplicates with this, index and manage the data you want with this, navigate your folders with this, and move all your data off CDs and onto your hard drives; turn them into CD images with this.

I’d like to second Fortigurn on that. Except, like any good geek, I have my own favorite applications that are different than HIS:

To find duplicate files, I use CloneSpy. Although, Duplicate Cleaner has a nicer interface.

I’m afraid that I must admit that I don’t have a better suggestion than Fortigurn when it comes to indexing applications. Of course, I don’t use them. I just have my own system for organizing information. (Real men just do.) You can find free indexing software on - like Super-Finder-XT.

And, if you want to put your discs on a Hard Drive, magicISO is probably a good idea. There’s also Phantom CD and Virtual Clone Drive.

The thing is, you need to get your data off of the CDs and DVDs. They have a limited shelf life of between 3 to 5 years. Hard discs last longer, as long as you aren’t banging them together. I have 3 Terabytes of data backed up on hard drive, which would be impossible to manage on CD/DVD.